We offer a full, professional grooming service for all ages and breeds of dog. Of course every dog is individual and we tailor each groom to the exact requirements of you and your dog.


All dogs will be treated to a luxury bath that will include a specialist shampoo to suit their coat, we have a range of shampoos including; medicated shampoos for sensitive or problem skin. For the longer haired/curly breed there's a shampoo to reach deep into the coat and provide a deep cleanse leaving them silky soft and fresh. General use shampoo for all breeds and coats, and of course, specialist flea shampoo if the little blighters have visited your pet recently.  If you have any special requirements or have a prescription shampoo please bring this along.


Dogs will be brushed prior, when necessary and post bath, this removes dead hair and stimulates the natural oils in their skin. We have many brushes for different breeds such as slickers for all dogs, rotating combs for curly breeds, and de-matting combs for minor matts.

Breed specific clipping

Certain dogs have what we call breed specific cuts or clips and these can be done to breed standard or to owners requirements, every dog has a different lifestyle so all cuts can be tailored to suit you and your dog. This will be discussed at initial consultation. Of course, clipping and scissor trims are available to any dog that requires it.

Ear cleansing, Nail trimming, Ear plucking

All dogs that visit us will have the option to have their ears cleansed, plucked if the breed requires it and their nails trimmed, the more regularly you have the dogs nails trimmed the better as it is more comfortable for the dog and additionally, when the nail regrows the vein gradually recedes making each visit easier to undertake. A visit for a nail trim only, has a set price of £5 per dog. 


Due to the length of their coat or their lifestyle, some dogs can suffer from Matts, these can become irritating and sometimes painful, they also can be a great breeding ground for fleas and can harbour nasty smells in your dogs coat, removing these as soon as possible will provide your dog with greater comfort and quality of life, we are able to de-matt but in some cases if the matting has become very thick and close to the skin it is less stressful and kinder to the dog to clip these off. Standard small matted areas will be either combed or clipped out as part of the groom but difficult or excessive matting will incur an additional charge between £5-£10 however, we will always consult with the owner re additional charges prior to removal of excessive matts. Please contact us to discuss.

Puppies first visit

If you are lucky enough to be the proud owner of a new Puppy there are a few things you should do if you intend to bring the pup for its first groom. As soon as you can, get the puppy socialised with as many dogs as possible, get the puppy used to having its paws and pads handled by holding the foot and playing with the paws, rubbing/massaging the pads and touching the nails. It's important to get the puppy used to having it's face, ears and chin handled and don't forget the tail too. It is also a good idea to get the pup used to a hairdryer and water. All this will benefit your pup immensely and reduce any stress on its first visit. As puppies still have their baby hair a full clip/groom is not always necessary therefore prices in most cases will be lower than the standard breed groom. If you have any questions, please contact us. We look forward to seeing you soon.


Regular brushing obviously reduces moulting, investing in a rake for long coated dogs is a must, all coats will benefit from a slicker, raking the undercoat of a double coated breed, lifts the dead hair from the dog and increases airflow through their coat keeping them much cooler in summer when the temperature rises and winter when sat indoors in the central heating. Some dogs have greatly reduced their shedding for up to 6 weeks after this form of brushing.